“If you got a problem, Don’t Care what is, If you need a hand, I can assure you of this..

I can help…”

Ok…I borrowed that from “Billy Swan” but it seemed a great way to get your attention.

So you have a dog?

Maybe more than 1.

And you need help…What’s up?

Pulling on a lead?

Jumping Up?

Not Coming when called?

Mouthing or Biting?

Not Responding to commands?

Something else?

Not sure what to do?

Well let me help…(there I go again!)

No Joking apart…

…I know that having a dog miss-behave, in one way or another can be a right pain.

And knowing what to do with all the conflicting advice around, can be enough to make you “Pull Your hair out”.

Here is an example.

You dog jump’s up at you…what do you do?

No!!! You don’t knee it in the chest or kick it off (Bad advice).


Because apart from possibly hurting your dog…You are doing the one thing it wants you to do.

“Give me attention!”

Out K9 friends don’t always process information in the same way you do. What you think is “Telling them off” can actually be a sign (to them anyway) that you want to play.

Have you ever had one of those “Smiley moments” where you are trying to tell your dog that it is being naughty but all it is doing is getting more and more cheeky.

It just thinks you’re playing…It doesn’t understand that a couple of minutes ago you were quite angry but now it’s cute face has turned you to mush!

Here is the thing…

You know how you get up in the morning and the first thing you do is get dressed or have a shower or clean your teeth.

Well that’s called a “habit”.

You know what a habit is. It’s where you do the same thing over and over again.

And it’s the same with dogs.

They have just got into a bad habit and we need to break it and give them a new one.

And the easiest way to do that is with rewards.

So are you ready…

Why wait any longer and get even more stressed?

Pick up the phone and give me a call.

Let’s get this sorted so you can start enjoying the company of your dog again.

Here’s the number.
01793 677317

Email me Malcolm @ pupanddogtraining.com

Oh yeah my Name is Malcolm and I train regularly at St Marks Church in Swindon.

But I also do “One on One” training and special courses.

Either suits me just give me a call and we will work out what is best for you.

I have been training at St Marks for years with my local club and I also do “Trick Training” and “Agility Training” if you’re interested.

Dogs are great. But it’s the look of joy on their owners face they get their dog to behave that gives me the best thrill.

And is why I do this.

So don’t waste another moment…

Give me a call or email me

Here’s the number.
01793 677317

Email me Malcolm @ pupanddogtraining.com

Hope to see you soon.



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