If your struggling with the idea of pack leadership then your not the only one…

I have to admit I have struggled with the whole “Pack” thing for quite a while.

If you don’t know what I am talking about then…

…Dogs come from Wolves.

Wolves are pack animals who have an Alpha Male and Alpha female who basically keep the pack in place.

They are actually a lot more caring than some people like to portray.

Pack of dogs

Pack leaders are firm but fair

They are more like “Mum and Dad” than two viscous animals who will kill anyone who gets in their way.

Anyway they basically “rule the roost” and every other animal in the pack falls in line behind them.

I have a couple of issues with this…

Firstly there is some evidence to suggest that the dog is more of a cousin to the wolf and could have been a loaner.

More of a scrounger that learned Humans were very good at leaving food around.

That’s why they could have integrated into human society better than they would have if they had been a pack of animals.

My second issue with the “pack” idea is that dogs have lived with humans for probably 1000’s of years and we have changed most of them beyond recognition.

Yeah some still do look a bit like wolves and I know their DNA is related.

But then we still look like early humans…but most of us can not survive in the wild.

We, like dogs have become pretty much domesticated.

But there is one difference…

We made up our own mind to become civilised…dogs have been forced into it.

Which led me to a conclusion.

Although we have domesticated our dogs…And they probably are different to when we fist got together to help each other…

…The basic pack instincts are still there.

Although we don’t like to admit it. Under stress some of our own “animal wildness” come out and we have the ability to reason on our side.

The problem is that people misinterpret pack leadership.

Many people make it out to be a fight for authority. When in reality it only the calmest and most confident member of a group that becomes pack leader.

I have seen many people try to become pack leader by using aggression and it never works.

What can happen is the dog shuts down and what seems like submission can actually be a ticking time bomb.

What finally made me consider bringing pack leadership back into my own training was when I watched Dan’s 5 Golden rules videos

It wasn’t really that these rules were new to me it was more the way he showed them.

See one of the trainers that taught me originally was very hands on and very aggressive and that was why I was so against it.

But Dan showed me how I could use the whole idea of “Pack Leadership” in more gentle way.

Up to now I have only been interested in pure obedience and Agility training but with what I have learned from Dan. I realise I also have the knowledge and experience to help people who are having any of the 34 issues listed on his website.

You can check out Dan’s 5 Golden Rules here.

 learning to be a calm pack leader is a great way to solve many issues with your dog.

But if your concerned about how to implement it, then don’t, it is a lot easier than you think.


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