A very simple easy to use technique to get your pup or dog back to you quickly.

If you use my “Touch” technique that I gave you on the foundation page then you will have a good basis for getting your dog to come to you.

Recall issues normally start with letting your dog get further and further away from you without throwing in a call back every so often.

In the end the dog just ignores you and the more you call, shout and scream without getting a response just reinforces to your dog that it can get away with it.

If you have a recall issue there is only one to solve it…

…Go back to basics.

Start at home and in the garden recalling your dog.

When your dog gets this then take it on a walk but do not take it off the lead.

Keep recalling on the lead, then get an extension lead or long training lead and let it out further.

Do not let your dog off it’s lead again until you are sure they will come back to you every time you call.

Whether you use food or a toy make sure they know when they come back they are being rewarded.

Oh and make sure they come right up to you…close enough to grab their collar.

Dan has a number of good videos to show you how to this.
You should watch some of the videos he did with his own puppy as well.

Check out Dan’s site here.



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