Well I hope by now you have a read enough to know that training a k9 companion is about patience and reward.

I have had many clients over the years that say…

I feed him and walk him he should do what he is told…

Try explaining that to a dog!

Dogs like humans are individuals…Yes they may show traits of their breed but they still have individual personalities.

People always go on about the “Pack” mentality and wanting to be “top dog” but I am afraid because of the teachings of some supposed experts this has ended up meaning you have to fight your dog into submission.

That’s not how it works…

Dan explains this really well with his:

5 Golden Rules.

Pack leaders or Top dogs do not rule with aggression…

They lead with calm and confidence.

Rewarding good behaviour and withdrawing pleasure…

…By either ignoring or a “no” type response for bad behaviour.

I like many trainers are concerned that we are ending up with many more aggressive dogs now because of this “Pin you on the flaw if your bad” attitude.

The real damage it causes is a disconnection between the owner and their pet.

So when I first get asked to solve this issue I look at the relationship between owner and dog.

This problem normally tends to show up more with energetic dogs.

It really boils down to this…

These dogs need excitement and they get it from wherever they can…


…You don’t give it to them.

If you ask me these are the worst dogs to let off the lead early.

Without proper “off lead” tuition they will very soon get the confidence to “Go off” on their own and will soon learn to ignore their owner.

The “habit” of ignoring their owner can soon manifest it’s self in all sorts of areas.

When I come across this problem I just have one cure…

“Back to basics”.

We start in the home and gradually move it out to the walk and then to the park.

It does take a bit of work but you can see the results very quickly and it tends to be proportional to the work you put in.

Start in the home with my “Touch” command.

Also make sure you train “Sits” and “Waits”.

No more off lead until your k9 friend walks nicely by your side and you can recall him from the end of a long training lead.

This about building your confidence and the dogs which will only improve the relationship and allow the dog to trust you.

I do hope this helps.




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