A couple of quick and easy methods to stop your Pup or Dog jumping up.

A dog jumping up comes in two forms.


A dog Jumping up

George Jumping up

Jumping at you.
Jumping up at people in the street.

Although they are both seem the same… I regard them at different issues that also need to be handled differently.

Something to remember:

We see a reward from someone as a Smile, nice words or even a show of affection.

Dogs on the other hand can see any noise (even shouting) or  movement(pushing)  as a reward.

In their eyes they got your attention so job done.

This shows up even more with “Jumping up”.

If you have had this problem then you have also probably tried everything from pushing the dog off to shouting or even screaming at the dog.

I have even seen some out of date trainers suggesting kneeing them in the chest (which doesn’t work).

Not sure why you want to hurt your dog when it is only after attention and affection.

The trick here is a little reverse psychology…

Hopefully we have already taught our dog to sit.

Jumping up at you (normally when you come home or have a visitor).

This does take a little work and it is a matter of keep “working” at it.

Let’s deal with you first.

Make sure you have a reward.

There are two ways you can handle this…

If you can put a barrier between you and your dog then you can use that.

We have stair gates all over the house so that we can use them to control where the dogs go because we have 9 dogs and lots of things going on.

So when we come through the front door we have a stair gate from the hall into the next room.

This gives a barrier for us if we are bringing stuff into the house and have to leave the front door open.

If I walked up to this gate and one of our dogs jump up I immediately back off.

And I don’t go back until that dog sits with the others.

If it sits I immediately say “good sit” and go towards him to reward for the sit.

If he gets up again then I back off.

I do this until he stays in the sit and realises he won’t get any chance of affection until he stays seated.

If you don’t have the luxury of a gate then you are going to have to start the routine where the dog jumps up at you.

The trick is to fold your arms and stay still.

You must not do anything, say anything and don’t even look at your dog…stand your ground and wait.

The moment your dog gets down then reward.

Now I will say that this can take a bit of time…jumpers tend to be very determined for your attention.

But they will give up eventually and it is important as soon as they do you reward.

You are teaching them that jumping up at you doesn’t get them any attention, but standing with all 4 paws on the ground (or sitting) does.

Greeting people while on a lead(leash)

You are going to need some help with this one.

And you are going to have to ask people who approach your dog for help especially friends.

But if you can get a couple of people to help you out at first then you should get this solved pretty quickly.

This is a little like I told you when using a gate.

Presumably your dog will be on the lead (leash) .

Put your dog in a sit.

Get one of your friends to approach you…

Reinforce the sit command but only verbally.

As your friend approaches if your dog makes any move towards them (breaks it sit) get them to move away.

I don’t want you to pull the lead, your job is to just anchor your dog.

As your friend moves away get your dog to sit.

Again get your friend to walk towards your dog and again if your dog gets up they move away.

Sooner or later your dog will realise that they need to be in the sit to get attention.

Try it your be surprised how well it works.

Why not get in touch and let me help…



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